AURA mixed media fashion installation

The German philosopher Walter Benjamin proclaimed the disappearance of the aura in modernity. Gerda Postma's pseudonym 'IKKAI' sets out in search of it. The notion of aura has taken on various meanings over time, and yet has never become completely tangible. The magical and the spherical are synonyms that come closest to the concept. Through an search of the seemingly lost entity between human and nature, an estranging installation is built. Handpainted clothing, drawings, accessories, are surrounding an interactive sculpture that starts 'breathing' when it's been being approached. Michiel klein, known of EKLIN, made an auratic music piece for the installation. IKKAI also cooperated with artist duo Reed and Rader from NY, who made a animation 'built in progressing'.

Thus, matter is provided with a soul and aura is being shown. The project is an intuitive quest for sensitivity and for the similarities between nature and geometry. Aura is made possible with the help of Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.

Photography: Daan Paans Assistance: Sanne Sanders